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Invisalign for Teens in Atlanta

Brookhaven Orthodontics in Atlanta, GA wants the journey to straighten your teeth to be comfortable, clear, and not with a set of metal tracks. With the many obstacles that will come your way as a teen, we know that having metal wires and brackets getting in the way will not make things any easier!

The dedicated team at our Brookhaven location in Atlanta, GA understands that metal braces were not invited to homecoming, do not make the clarinet sound any better and are not on the starting line of the big game.

There is clearly an easier way to straighten your teeth and have the confidence to show off those pearly whites, without the need for metal braces. The Invisalign Teen system will give you the freedom to eat what you love, do what you love and not miss out on the important moments that you should be smiling for!

You will have a series of custom-made clear aligners that are fully removable, comfortable, durable and no one has to know they tagged along with you and your friends on Friday night. The Invisalign Teen system is convenient, durable and did we mention virtually invisible?

Contact Brookhaven Orthodontics today to see how the Invisalign Teen system is the clear choice for teens in the Atlanta, GA area. They may not be easy to see, but everyone is talking about them.


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