Retention Phase

retainer atlantaDid you know that your teeth naturally want to shift over time, even after you have braces?

Once your braces are removed, the next part of your treatment is called retention. Retainers are designed to “retain” or hold your teeth in their straight position due to them wanting to move. We use Hawley retainers which are custom made to fit your mouth. They are made of a plastic or acrylic top that is formed to the roof of your mouth and a metal wire that goes in front of the teeth. They are removable, but should be worn as instructed by your doctor.

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Retainer Wear

It is very important for you to wear your retainer every night, otherwise, your teeth may shift and the benefit of wearing your braces will be lost. Dr. Cox recommends that you wear your retainer indefinitely. Consider it your insurance policy that you can rely on to keep your teeth straight. Due to the fact that your teeth naturally move due to growth, eating and grinding, your retainer is the only thing that will keep you from needing orthodontic treatment a second time. To keep your retainer clean and to help it last, learn how to properly care for your retainer.

Lost Your Retainer or Your Retainer No Longer Fits?

A lost retainer and a retainer that no longer fits are both common and we can help! It is very easy to misplace your retainer after eating or brushing your teeth. We recommend always placing it in its case when it is not in your mouth, however we understand that accidents happen.

With either case, give us a call to set up an appointment or request an appointment online. If you still have your retainer (even if it does not fit), bring it with you. Sometimes we are able to make a small adjustment for it to pop right back in. The sooner you make the appointment, the better! 

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