Retainer Care

How do you clean a retainer? 

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The retainer is carefully designed to hold your teeth in position. It is important for you to wear it nightly or as instructed to keep your teeth aligned. Be sure to keep it away from your pets and in the plastic box provided when in it is not in your mouth. Please be sure to bring it to every appointment.

Clean your retainer by brushing it daily with anti-bacterial soap. We do not recommend using toothpaste. The soap will provide a better cleaning and will help your retainer last longer.

Denture cleaner can also be used for a more thorough cleaning. If you have a bonded wire retainer behind your front teeth, be extra careful to clean the wire and the area around it. Flossing should be done every day.

Never wrap your appliance in a paper napkin or tissue and set it down on the table. You or someone else may mistakenly throw it away. Don’t put it in your pocket when playing or you may break or lose it. When it is not in your mouth, it should be in its plastic appliance case.

Avoid storing them near any source of heat- especially in hot a hot car over long periods of time- they may warp. Do not boil your retainer to sterilize it!


– by Taylor C. (age 12)

I feel that it’s very important to wear a retainer. Why you might ask? Just think: you have braces. They are pretty with the brackets, but what happens when the brackets are all gone? Do your teeth stay straight, or do they look as they did before? Well, take this coming from a person who had braces and about every appliance there is. I had the prettiest teeth, and I did not wear my retainer. My teeth then looked as they did before and it was not good. It was like I wore braces and all those appliances for nothing. I feel so stupid, and I was scared to smile and talk to people because I had ugly teeth and I knew I could have fixed it. My mom was not happy with me. She paid all that money and my teeth were crooked like they were when I first started. I wanted to do it again, and I wanted my braces back. Teeth are a big part of life, so take care of them. I have my braces back on now, but it will be worth it. I know now how important it is to wear a retainer.

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