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As one of the best orthodontic practices near Roswell, Georgia, we aim to provide local kids and adults with affordable orthodontic treatment options.  If you are looking for a highly-rated orthodontist for you or your family call us today and book your free consultation. Brookhaven Orthodontics provides braces for kids or adults. During your initial consultation, we can discuss financing options so that you can begin your orthodontic treatment process

We do our best to accommodate your schedule and offer appointments around school times. We have a kid-friendly waiting area with a game room, movie room, and slide. We even have a baby play area for parents to play with their younger kids while they wait for their older child to finish their appointments. Your kids will actually like going to our orthodontist near Roswell. If you or your child needs dental braces, contact us to schedule a free consultation!

At Brookhaven Orthodontics, we specialize in providing first-class orthodontic care to children and adults from Roswell, GA. 

Patient Review of Brookhaven Orthodontics

We love and highly recommend Brookhaven Orthodontics! Dr. Cox and his staff are amazing. Recently visited the Brookhaven location and loved and enjoyed the new study area for kids and of course parents that need a little quiet time to finish up work. Thank you for always being so friendly and professional.

Gladys Chavez

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Why Choose Us For Your Braces?

We always look forward to welcoming new clients at Brookhaven Orthodontics near Roswell. If you’re looking for an orthodontist around the Roswell area, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should choose us for orthodontic treatment:

  • Our friendly, experienced team: we have a fantastic, friendly, energetic, enthusiastic team led by leading orthodontist Dr. Stan Cox.
  • Welcoming, relaxing environment: we have designed our dental office to provide a relaxing space for patients. We want you to feel like you’re at home.
  • Range of treatments: we offer a vast array of teeth straightening treatments to cater to all clients. From minor issues to complex orthodontic problems, we’ll find the ideal solution for you. 
  • Child-friendly settings: we love having children visit us, and we’ve created a fabulous setting for them with movies, toys, and many games they can enjoy. 

Quality orthodontic treatment near Roswell

Here at Brookhaven Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the Roswell community one of the best quality orthodontics practices in the area

Residents throughout Roswell choose to come to our practice for all their orthodontics treatments. Our practice is conveniently located on Old Alabama Road, less than a 18-minute ride from Roswell. Simply head East along Old Alabama Road, and you’ll easily find us in Johns Creek. 

Choose one of the best orthodontic practices near Roswell

Our patients throughout the Roswell and Alpharetta communities can be sure they’ll always receive the best treatment from our orthodontists. This starts from the moment you schedule your first appointment with us. You can rest assured you’ll always receive outstanding customer service, plus the highest standard of orthodontic treatment. Our friendly team is on hand to welcome you into our light and spacious practice. 

Patients travel from throughout the Roswell area to receive orthodontic treatment from our highly skilled and experienced orthodontists. When it comes to your teeth, they’re too important to leave your orthodontic care to just anyone. You need to be sure your smile is looked after by one of the best orthodontists near Roswell. Whether your smile will benefit from orthodontic braces or treatment with Invisalign, we’ll walk you through the best options for your teeth after a thorough examination.

Excellent orthodontic care at a convenient location near Roswell

We’ll welcome you back to the practice for regular checkups when you are in the process of treatment with braces or Invisalign. Choosing Brookhaven Orthodontics near Roswell for your orthodontic treatment makes it so much easier for you to attend your checkups. You’ll find us located close to many local schools in the Roswell area. So, if your kids need orthodontic treatment, getting them to us will be a hassle-free experience. Many of our patients go to schools in Roswell, like Northwood Elementary School, Hillside Elementary School, Mountain Park Elementary, St. Francis Day School, River Eves Elementary, so you may  run into some of your classmates at our practice. Some kids even use our lounge to do their homework together!

Orthodontic treatment for adults and kids in Roswell

At Brookhaven Orthodontics, our orthodontists help both kids and adults in the Roswell area to improve their teeth alignment. We’re proud to offer orthodontic services to Roswell that will help the entire community achieve straight and beautifully aligned teeth.

Many parents want to know when their kids should get braces. Well, you don’t need to wait until your child is a tween to have them evaluated for braces. You can schedule an appointment for us to check your child’s teeth before they age seven. Even if your child still has some milk teeth, we can identify any orthodontic issues requiring future treatment at this stage. 

Crooked teeth, teeth grinding, and misaligned jaws are issues that require treatment to achieve a healthy and straight smile.

Once your child has some of their permanent teeth, especially the six-year molars, we can get a clear idea of how their bite will develop. Intercepting problems at this age allows treatments to be highly effective. This is because younger kids have more pliable teeth and jaws, making them respond to treatment far faster.

What We Love About Working Near Roswell

Roswell is a beautiful city in Fulton County with a population of just over 91,600. Working at our orthodontic practice in this part of Georgia offers incredible opportunities to embrace city life while enjoying easy access to nature and the location’s lovely landscapes. There’s a vast range of views, recreation programs, and activities available in the local area. From visiting historic sites like Old Mill Park or jump around at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. There’s family fun all the time. But the aspect we love most about Roswell is the amazing people!

Our Roswell patients are lively and know they belong to a tight-knit community. We are proud to provide dental treatment to this group of vibrant people.

Community ties:

It’s hugely important to us to play an active role in the local community of Roswell. We’re proud to sponsor local schools, and we enjoy getting involved in community activities and events.

Looking For Orthodontic Treatment in Roswell?

Contact us if you’re looking for orthodontic treatment near Roswell, GA!


What are the reasons to get orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment ensures you achieve your best smile. When getting orthodontic braces in the Roswell area, you should look for a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist.

Why is it important for adults and kids to get orthodontic treatment?

Crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, and tooth grinding can all impact the appearance of your smile. Grinding your teeth can cause pain while having crooked teeth can make them tricky to clean thoroughly. There are many reasons it’s important to get orthodontic treatment. So, choosing the best orthodontist to complete the treatment is essential.

What treatment is involved in adult orthodontics?

Adult orthodontics often involves realigning the teeth to achieve a straighter smile. Most adults choose to use Invisalign to achieve this, as it delivers effective results with a far more subtle appearance while your treatment is taking place. It’s a truly discreet way to achieve perfectly aligned teeth.

Why are adult and kid orthodontics different?

While the goal of adult and kid orthodontic treatment is the same, adult orthodontics works on the alignment and issues relating to established permanent teeth. Kids orthodontics can include early interception treatment on a mix of first and permanent teeth.

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