Braces for Seniors

Braces for Senior Citizens

braces for seniors

Are you wondering if you are too old for braces? The answer is no! You are never too old for braces. In fact more and more adults are getting braces for a variety of reasons. Did you know that braces can benefit you after 60? That’s right. Crooked teeth and poorly aligned bites aren’t just cosmetic concerns. They may also be associated with gum and bone loss, or even be the cause of headaches and jaw joint pain.

Advancements in the dental field mean that dentures aren’t the only option for complex issues in seniors. Orthodontics can also help address some concerns.

Better oral hygiene. Teeth that are aligned are easier to keep clean, which reduces the chance of decay, or costly repair and replacement.

Less wear and tear. Our bite changes as we age. An incorrect bite can contribute to wear on our enamel. Orthodontics can help bring your bite into alignment and help reduce the wear on your teeth.Correct relapse of prior treatment. Many changes in orthodontic technology and practices have happened in the past decades. Years ago, some patients were told that after a time they could throw away their retainers. This led to relapse of the same issues they had before. These seniors may benefit from limited or partial treatment. 

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Getting Braces for Adults Over 60

There are some medical conditions, or medications that can exclude you from orthodontic treatment. These will be discussed at your exam to evaluate if orthodontic treatment is right for you. If you have entered your mid-life and are looking to improve your health or want to bring about a fresh start in your appearance, getting orthodontic treatment is an option to consider.

If a smile worth smiling about is what you are hoping for, Brookhaven Orthodontics is where you should start! Call today for a free consultation. 

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