Spark Clear Aligner System

Spark Clear Aligners

Introducing Spark™ Clear Aligner System, an advanced system designed to straighten teeth and allow smiles to shine during treatment. Spark™ is removable, meaning you can even eat all your favorite foods without worry or pop them out for easy brushing and flossing to maintain oral health.

How Spark™ Aligners Work

  1. Starting with a 3D scan, your doctor will present your future smile and a plan.
  2. From there, you wear your custom-made aligners as directed and watch your smile transform.
  3. You’ll receive a set of aligners that will help gradually move teeth over your treatment period.
  4. Your doctor will help guide you on your path to your new beautiful smile.

What makes Spark™ different than other clear aligners?

Spark™ was designed with over 60 years of orthodontic knowledge. It’s the only system to utilize the latest in aligner material – TruGEN™ – which is designed to deliver an aligner that is clearer, more comfortable, and proven to stain less than competing aligners.

  • Trimmed & polished for more comfort
  • More clear & difficult to notice
  • May result in faster treatment goals
  • Aligners are BPA free
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Am I a candidate for Spark™?

Spark™ is specifically designed for the controlled movement of teeth without obstruction from metal brackets and wires, however it is not meant for every patient case. 

Contact us for your free Spark™ consultation and see if you are a candidate.

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