What are Lingual Braces? 

Invisible Braces Atlanta

Like traditional metal braces, lingual braces consist of a system of brackets and wires. But, they are completely “invisible” because they are hidden behind the teeth and they sit on the tongue (lingual) side of your teeth. There are several benefits to this set up. The most obvious is that no one will know you have braces. They will just see your results.


How Lingual Braces Work

Much like traditional braces, lingual braces work by providing consistent, light pressure on your teeth to move them into proper alignment. The difference being that by placing the wire behind the teeth, and utilizing new advancements in orthodontics, we are able to get results faster with fewer appointments than with other treatment types. At Brookhaven Orthodontics, we use the latest technology in lingual braces called InBrace. Check out our InBrace page to learn more about this technology. 

How are Lingual Braces Different? 

Lingual braces are a newer treatment that straighten your teeth from the inside. The wire, applied to the back of your teeth, is invisible to the rest of the world. Brushing and flossing are another benefit to lingual braces. Because the wires are on the back of the teeth and the bracket sizes are so small, you are able to brush and floss like normal, throughout your entire treatment. 

How Do I get Started? 

Getting started with lingual braces is easy. Call our office or fill out the request an appointment form and schedule your free consultation.  Let Dr. Cox know you are interested in lingual braces. He will take the time to evaluate your needs and create the customized treatment plan that is right for you.