Man Gets Destroyed When He Attempts To Phone Ladies Clingy

This Guy attempted to Gamble Like Women Are Clingy And have Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone understands that ladies are clingier than men, right? JK. Which is simply a stereotype. Until we now have some tough technology with this, i am gonna refer to it as a draw. Genuine truth is, discover male clingers and female clingers. Normally, guys attempt to play like they never find thoughts, but each goes and do some insane crap like hijack an airplane to get in touch with their unique ex. Whenever women are clingy no less than it’s simply, like, expecting you to definitely respond to their own texting. 

Really, these are hijacking, one guy’s snarky fb position had gotten hijacked INTENSE not too long ago. This dude Ben tried to perform like he was cold as ice and not a stage-five clinger. Let’s read the carnage:

The Picture

And that is when Jessica fell the bomb:

And Daphné joined up with in:

And Anika sent the death-blow:

The Lesson

The amusing benefit of sending individuals emails is that those emails tend to be genuine an easy task to screenshot. If you’re going to be clingy when messaging ladies, knock yourself aside. Possibly the person who you are wanting to content are going to be into it â?? the internet online dating globe is full of great men and women. (Although… do not say “hey” 60 occasions to people. Which is just weird.)

However if you’re going to trash-talk an entire gender as soon as your very own record is lower than spotless… appears like you much better be equipped for some FB message skeletons to come out of the closet. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.

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