What is InBrace?

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InBrace invisible braces offer the latest in technological advances in what used to be called lingual braces. Instead of a common archwire, InBrace uses a Smartwire® which is applied by Dr. Cox to the back of your teeth, so the entire process is truly hidden. This system attaches to your teeth to move them into proper alignment. InBrace wires are custom designed to fit your smile and follow your treatment plan. Additionally, InBrace uses a small clip, rather than bands, to hold the wire in place. Together, making placement easier and requiring fewer adjustments.

Even though InBrace is invisible to the rest of the world, you’ll start seeing visible results in just weeks instead of having to wait until your braces are removed. You can begin enjoying your new smile right away. That’s a smile worth smiling about!

How InBrace Works

After your case is assessed by Dr. Cox, the team will scan your teeth and InBrace’s advanced computer modeling and algorithms determine the most efficient way to improve your smile. Then a custom Smartwire® is designed just for you and your unique anatomy. The customized Smartwire® moves your teeth with GentleForce™ Technology and Dr. Cox will monitor the movement to make sure it follows his treatment plan.

invisible lingual bracesHow is InBrace Different?

Compared to clear aligners, the InBrace systems offers hidden, convenient and faster results. Now there’s an easy way to improve your smile that doesn’t require a mouthful of plastic or dozens of trays.

The Smartwire™ is unlike anything else because it:

  • is truly hidden since there are no brackets or attachments on the outside of your teeth.
  • keeps your teeth moving gradually and continuously.
  • is ideal for sports and compatible with mouth guards.
  • requires fewer trips to the orthodontist than clear aligners or traditional braces. 
  • will allow you to see visible results in just a few weeks.

The effectiveness of clear aligners, like Spark and Invisalign®, is dependent upon the patient complying with instructions. This means remembering to wear the aligners 22 hours a day to stay on track. With InBrace you don’t have to take them out every time you want to eat, drink, brush or floss, or change out the trays on time.

Caring for InBrace Braces

Location, wire placement and the size of your brackets all affect how hard it is to clean traditional braces. With InBrace we make keeping your smile healthy and as simple as possible. This is accomplished in two ways. First, the design of the wire enables normal flossing without the need for floss aides. Second, by using a smaller bracket, cleaning and oral hygiene is significantly easier.

 It is important to note that some foods can break or damage your InBrace brackets. Therefore, you will have to be careful to avoid foods similar to those required for traditional metal braces. Additionally, it may take about a week for your tongue to adjust to having a new appliance in your mouth.

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