Types of Braces

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What types of braces are you looking for today?

Trusted Harmony Lingual Braces

The HARMONY System attaches to the interior side of your teeth, so no one knows you are wearing braces but you.

Your orthodontist designs your perfect smile using state of the art technology. The process begins with a digital scan of your teeth, which are ideally aligned following your orthodontist’s treatment plan. A fully customized solution, including robotically bent arch wires are created just for you.

The HARMONY System is engineered to be small and smooth, which helps you adapt quickly and comfortably to your orthodontic treatment.  The self ligating technology that is built into the HARMONY System offers more control in the hands of your orthodontist to achieve precise tooth alignment. Self ligating technology does away with elastic O-rings, so friction in the system is reduced which leads to a more comfortable experience throughout treatment.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces use constant, gentle pressure over time, and ultimately move teeth into their proper positions. The braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment. The two main components of your braces are: the brackets that are bonded to your teeth, and the main archwire. The bracket is essentially a handle affixed to each tooth. It secures the archwire and allows the tooth be be guided into its correct position.


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Once your braces are removed, the next part of your treatment is called retention. Retainers are designed to retain, or hold your teeth in their straight position. It is very important for you to wear your retainer every night, otherwise your teeth may shift and the benefit of wearing your braces will be lost.
Dr. Cox recommends that you wear your retainer indefinitely. Consider it your insurance policy that you can rely on to keep your teeth straight. Without it, you risk losing everything you worked so hard to achieve, so don’t test it!

Learn how to properly care for your Retainer

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